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Helping you stay safe 24/7

Our Mission is to provide New Zealanders, with a NZ-made swift & simple solution for monitoring patients safely


What is CarePod24?

CarePod24 is a range of modular patient monitoring rooms or “pods” that can be set up in any open space.

Why CarePod24?

Increase Capacity

Allows hospital bed capacity to be very quickly expanded, either temporarily or permanently.


Supplied by NZ manufacturer with large capacity and ability to custom manufacture, so you receive products which suit your needs, when you need them


Super-fast assembly and reconfiguring. Allows you to adapt as your needs change in a rapidly evolving environment.

Our products that provide you with a solution

Carepod range line drawing.jpg

About us

A New Zealand Manufacturer with a great team of people that care about the workspaces that people have to go to each day.

21 years of manufacturing solutions for Government Departments and Corporates of New Zealand through to the start-up businesses that create new ideas and solutions for today's and tomorrow needs.

Complimentary Products

Complimentary Products

Team Workstation
Carepod Managers station.jpg
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