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Our experienced team of experts have created CarePod24 to provide a solution for the urgent requirement of monitoring stations, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that erupting around the globe.

Our 47,000 sq ft facility located in Wellsford, New Zealand allow us to respond to the largest and fastest requirements in this crisis.

Our Team


Our team comes from a diverse background with a combined 143 years of experience in our leadership team in the office furniture, hospitality and contract manufacturing industries.

We work with almost any material that you can put into furniture, from Melteca's and Melamines to Veneers and Aluminium, Glass, Fabrics, Perspex and High-pressure Laminates to name a few.

We combine our product design knowledge with our production and distribution capabilities to release the most fundamentally sound products available.

Modern High Capacity Equipment

Being up to date with modern high capacity machines and systems, we're able to respond quickly to urgent and high volume requirements.

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